Star Fruit plant, Carambola fruit tree, Exotic and rare fruit.

April 29, 2020 - Comment


* * * * * * * * * * * * * IMPORTANT MESSAGE * * * * * * * * * * * * *BY THE GLOBAL SITUATION OF VIRUS, I WILL SEND THE PACKAGE DEPENDING OF THE SITUATION OF THAT PRESENT DAY. YOU PRODUCT MAY TAKE SOME DAYS OR WEEKS TO SEND, BUT YOU WILL RECEIVE IT. SORRY FOR THIS SITUATION.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *BLESS YOU!! Averrhoa carambola is a species of woody plant in the family Oxalidaceae; it has a number of common names including Carambola and Starfruit. This evergreen tree is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. A. carambola is a small tree or shrub that grows 5?12 meters tall, with rose to red-purple flowers. The flowers are small and bell-shaped, with five petals that have whitish edges. The flowers are often produced year round under tropical conditions. The tree is cultivated in tropical and semitropical regions for its edible fruits and for medicinal uses. These are a very delicious fruit.***You will buy a Healthy and Live Star Fruit tree like 16-18 inches large*** Please go to my eBay Store to see and buy some rarer, exotic and delicious fruit plants tree. You may see plants like Malay Apple, Rambutan, Star Fruit, Spanish lime, Lemon Drop Mangosteen, etc. Seeds like Coconut, Canister, etc. Also Bromeliads and other kind of plants. *Please read all the information bellow before you place a bid on plants product* Combine Shipping ***I Combine Shipping Price, if you buy more products, if it?s necessary*** Instructions when you received your package Remove all the paper or tapes added in the pod. Move the product to another biggest container. But, remove very carefully from that container to the other one. Never remove the type of soil/substance that comes with the product, never. If you remove it, the product may will die. Add a good type of soil to the new container. Don?t place in a place where received direct light of sun, until some weeks. Go slowly accustoming. If during these process you see that the leaves are a little dry, its means that it not ready for too much light of sun, or may it more water. If you wish add food plant, like 20/20/20 vitamins or something like that. If the product it?s a Rambutan plant, it need at least two of may three years with no direct light of sun, just some in the morning or evening. Shipping Method We ship all products using the USPS shipping method. Very well packed. If the packages arrive in bad condition, this is cause by the worst USPS service. If you wish to add the FRAGILE LABEL it cost additional $12.99. Just let me know. Customer Service ***We want you to be successful and satisfied. Please, if you have any problem with your product, is lost or damaged during transit, if you are unhappy for any reason, don?t leave me a negative feedback and don?t open a Case, I cannot control how post offices ship the item, or other situation with shipping traveling.. Send me a message and I will always try my best to solve the problem! We will work with you to your satisfaction*** ***We are not responsible for any delay in shipping traveling if you choose first class shipping method. Best method its Priority shipping. We will help you in your satisfaction, but don?t be unsatisfied if the package takes more time traveling. Always we try the best for you and your satisfaction*** ***Please consider that are real plants, and sometimes may arrive with some littler bad leaves or something like that. This signal does not mean the plant is dead, only a little tired from the long trip. If you may add some vitamin like 20/20/20, don?t place in the direct light of sun and add water went its necessary, the plant will be in perfect condition*** International Shipping If you are International Shipping and you want one or some of my product let me know, but I’m no responsible for the traveling time. These take a few weeks and may the plant get dead or in bad status. ***If its International shipping or Economy shipping I’m not responsible for any delay during the shipping transportation time. Also, if the package will go international shipping, I?m not responsible if you choose standard method, because the package takes like one to three weeks to arrive. ***The Priority mail it?s a little more expensive but takes like 3 ? 5 days to US, and the International Priority shipping takes like 5-8 days to arrive.


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