1 Dwarf Cleopatra mandarin orange starter tree. Dwarf citrus w/full sized fruit

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1 Dwarf Cleopatra mandarin orange tree. True dwarf with full sized tasty mandarin oranges. There is a good chance you will have blossoms this year, I would strongly suggest you remove any blossoms for a year or two, until your dwarf tree gets to a decent size. Self-pollinating. Photo #1 and 2 are what a

1 Dwarf Cleopatra mandarin orange tree. True dwarf with full sized tasty mandarin oranges. There is a good chance you will have blossoms this year, I would strongly suggest you remove any blossoms for a year or two, until your dwarf tree gets to a decent size. Self-pollinating. Photo #1 and 2 are what a full sized dwarf tree will look like, photo #3,4, 5 is what the trees look like now, I take them out pot for shipping. Outdoors these are zoned for 7-10, these are dwarf so you can grow them in a pot and bring indoors in the winter, use a shop light or near a sunny window for light as these are evergreen (green all year) If it freezes to much these will die, do not let them freeze.I do not use pesticides or non organic fertilizers on anything on my property.I ship out same day or next day, you should get item pretty fast. I will shipinternationally, please message me and let me know what you are looking for andI can give you a shipping quote. International shipping is at your ownrisk as I cannot be held liable for delays in customs. I will send theplants with extra padding as well as moisture for the longer trip. I cannot ship citrus to TX, LA, AL, HI, FL and southern CA per USDA guidelines. I will combine ship, ask me for a total on check out or youcan message me and ask to. I ship my plants in boxes and not envelopes, to avoid anydamage to them.Health benefits ofmandarin oranges.1. Cancer:Research has revealed that mandarins can lowerthe risk of developing liver cancer. The carotenoids present mandarin orangesdue to high Vitamin A have shown to reduce the risk of liver cancer. Mandarinjuice given to hepatitis C patients failed to develop liver cancer because ofits high beta cryptoxanthin content. Mandarin has a high level of limonenewhich has anti-cancer effects and also helps to prevent breast cancer.2. Vitamin C:Mandarins contain a high level of Vitamin Cwhich provides a number of health benefits. Vitamin C helps to fight anumber of unstable molecules in our body known as free radicals through itsantioxidant properties. We all are aware of the fact that free radicals in thebody can lead to infectious disease and cancer. The antioxidants present inmandarins disarm free radical and prevent cellular damage.3. Cholesterol Problems:Mandarins produce synephrine which curbs theproduction of cholesterol in the body. The antioxidants present in Mandarinhelp to lower bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol. Mandarins combatthe free radicals that oxidize the cholesterol which makes the cholesterol tostick to the artery walls. Further they contain soluble and insoluble fiberlike hemicellulose and pectin which prevents cholesterol absorption in the gut.4. Blood Pressure:Mandarins also help to lower blood pressurelevels. They consist of nutrients and minerals like potassium that lowers theblood pressure. andarins keep the blood flow move smoothly through the arterieswhich keeps the blood pressure normal.5. Weight Loss:Mandarins are a substantial source of fiber.Fiber rich foods keep the stomach full for a longer period of time and reducethe desire or need to eat more food, assisting in weight loss. Doctors havefound that eating mandarin oranges benefits to lower insulin, thus instead ofstoring sugar and converting them to fats, it uses it as a fuel that leads toweight loss.6. Healthy Immune System:Vitamin C in Mandarin is instrumental inpreventing cold and is vital for the proper functioning of a healthy immunesystem. Mandarins have anti-microbial properties that prevent wounds fromgetting septic and from viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Mandarinsprevent spasm in the digestive and nervous system thus prevents cramps andvomiting. Mandarin is a natural blood purifier that helps to flush out toxinsand unwanted substances from the body.7. Skin Health:Vitamin C present in Mandarin is very good forskin both when consumed internally and applied topically on the skin. Regularintake of mandarin juice makes the skin glow and improves the skin tone to agreat extent. The antioxidants present in Mandarin protect the skin from harshUVA rays and help the skin to resist the damage caused by the sun and freeradicals. It also reduces the sign of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines andblemishes.Skin Benefits ofMandarin Oranges:It is a well-known factthat citrus fruits are great for skin and mandarin is no different.8. Antioxidant:Mandarin comes packed with antioxidants. It canprovide 80% of your total daily vitamin C requirement. They help neutralize theharmful toxic effects of free radicals. This makes your skin look younger andhealthy.9. Glowing Skin:Mandarins come with a lot of dietary fiber. Thismakes it easy to cleanse the system. It flushes out all harmful toxins fromone’s body. This gives a healthy and natural glow to your face.10. Improved Skin Tone:Mandarins are a good source of vitamin C and E.Both these are essential for a healthy looking skin. Regular intake ofmandarins greatly improves the complexion. It also gives you flawless andblemish-free skin.11. Fights Wrinkles:Mandarins are popular for fighting signs ofageing like wrinkles and fine lines. They can be either consumed raw or asjuice, and can be applied topically as well.12. Heals Wounds:Mandarin oil (extracted from mandarins) is foundto be helpful in growing new cells and tissues. This helps in healing wounds faster.Hair Benefits ofMandarin Oranges:13. Antioxidants:The antioxidant properties of mandarins helpfight pollution. Hence they protect your hair by conditioning them.14. Shine And Bounce:You can topically apply mandarin juice to yourhair and rinse it thoroughly thereafter. Instant shine and bounce will bevisible in your hair. Make sure you apply the mandarin juice only after addingit to your hair oil.


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