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All proceeds from sales go to fund our in-home animal rescue. Over the years we’ve taken in literally hundreds of dogs ( and some horses and goats ) either voluntarily or dump offs, at great expense, so every little bit helps as we try to maintain them and find them new. What we sell here

All proceeds from sales go to fund our in-home animal rescue. Over the years we’ve taken in literally hundreds of dogs ( and some horses and goats ) either voluntarily or dump offs, at great expense, so every little bit helps as we try to maintain them and find them new. What we sell here covers only a fraction of that over all cost. We do not consider ourselves to be an “animal rescue”, we’re just animal lovers that have turned into a home for throw-aways and unwanted pets and over the years, the need has grown exponentially. We do not take donations. This is our way of helping to fund our own efforts to save strays in our own community and surrounding area. I HOPE YOU WILL TAKE TIME TO VIEW OUR OTHER AUCTIONS, We have Pecan, Plum, Blackberry, Elder Berry, Black Cherry, Rose, Willow, Black Walnut, Spiraea, Mimosa cuttings, seeds, trees, flowers and plants available in different quantities as well as garden packages for the green house grower! We will be listing others throughout the season. Thanks for taking a look! We sell and ship a lot of cuttings with a lot of happy customers and we always strive to do our best and try to include extras when we can and as our regular customers know! . Thanks for taking a look!~ SHIPPING: WE WILL COMBINE SHIPPING TO SAVE YOU MONEY ON MULTIPLE ORDERS. if you check out and pay for all of it in advance, we will work up and package your order and refund the difference if there is any. I do it all the time. I will include a copy of the shipping invoice with your order and will refund the difference once the item is packaged and ready to ship so you only pay what it cost and we only receive what it cost. Neither of us lose that way. It’s hard to know exactly how much it will cost if you order several items without getting it packaged and weighed so it’s easier for us this way to make sure you get exactly what you pay for. I have people order 2, 3, 4 or more items off and on all the time and I always refund any difference. We do not make money off of shipping. When people purchase from me, if they order more than one item, if there’s anything left , I always refund the difference. We do not ship to California due to what I understand to be state Restrictions. If you order you will assume ALL of the risk. PLEASE KNOW YOUR STATES REGULATIONS FOR SHIPPING BEFORE YOU ORDER. I’ve never had any problems in the past shipping to any of the lower 48 states but I don’t know every state laws on shipping bulbs and plants, so be aware of what your state does or does not allow before you order. thanks. Other areas outside of the lower 48 states may require additional postage. OTHER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE. THIS AUCTION IS FOR FIVE ( 4 ) X 1 – 2 YEAR OLD HERITAGE RED-PURPLE PLUM TREES THEY WILL BE DORMANT AND READY TO PLANT.. I usually transplant most of my treesduring from fall to late winter while they’re asleep (dormant) so as not to disturb them and also to give them time to seat in for Spring. They around the size of the ones in the photos. You will receive them LIve BARE ROOT. ..As you can see they are losing their leaves, the weather has dropped and they are going dormant right now..They are likely to be completely bare of any leaves when you receive them. As you can see, they have very nice, well established root systems, they should root in easily this time of year… This is a good time to transplant them and get them back in the ground and give them time to get re-established over the winter and come out in the spring. I ONLY SHIP BARE ROOT LIVE PLANTS IN THE CONTINENTAL USA .PLEASE KNOW YOUR STATES REGULATIONS FOR SHIPPING FRUIT TREES BEFORE BIDDING.. PLEASE DO NOT BID OTHERWISE. I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE WHEN YOU BID. . THIS SHIPPING COST IS FOR ONE LOT IN A USPS SHIPPING TUBE. THEY WERE FRESHLY DUG RIGHT BEFORE AUCTION WAS LISTED. I WILL REMOVE ALL DIRT BEFORE SHIPPING. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK BEFORE BIDDING. THANKS. My parents acquired their trees from my Grandmothers property and we had them in our yard the entire time I was growing up. The fruit ranges from a dark cherry red to an almost purple and is easily golf ball size.. The fruit is sweet and they are very juicy.. Great for canning or eating right off the tree which is what I do with LOTS of mine.. These trees are also among THE BEST shade trees money can buy in my opinion.. That’s why we always loved having them in our yards and the reason I snitched some cuttings from my parents trees many years back and planted them in my own front yard in a trifecta. In my front yard I use them for shade trees so I don’t cut them back..These trees grow to around 25-30 foot tall and the same across which makes them perfect for planting close and trimming them out on the insides to form a great shade tree areas. I have 3 of these trees planted together in kind of a triangular fashion and in the hot summer heat, beneath these trees is coolest place in the entire yard. I trim the lower limbs up to about 6 – 8 feet and they make the perfect place to hang your hammock or put a picnic table which is what we always used them for and my grandparents and parents homes. My parents had a half dozen of them in the front yard and they made the perfect shade place for those summer time BBQS and family gatherings.. I root these pretty much any time of the year. Up until mid to late summer, just remember to keep them well watered and if you do it in the summer, I recommend starting them in a planter, I usually put in a sand / planting soil mixture, put them in a bucket and stick them under a shade tree somewhere and leave them be until well rooted before transplanting them into an open sunny area. Now to the FRUIT. They produce massive amounts of fruit, which is what I use the ones in my BACK YARD FOR. They get heavily loaded with fruit that’s well above the size of a golf ball and they are sweet and juicy and also great for canning which is what my grand mother used them for as long as I can remember.. We always ate her jams and jellies. These fruit trees have a tendency to bloom out when the weather starts getting up around the 40’s to 50’s regularly which is why you will need to cut them back once the leaves die off in the winter if you want to produce a lot of fruit. If you live in an area where it the weather tends to dip to “frost stage” during the blooming months you’ll want to cut the fruit producers back so they don’t bloom out early. ( here it’s anywhere from March to April) , I doubt you will need to if you live above below 7B.. . Here we have a tendency for the weather to play back and forth between March and April and sometimes if we don’t cut them back to get late bloomers, we get fruit and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes the frost catches them because they do have a tendency to bloom early and we have funny weather. . We get frost here late sometimes so I PERSONALLY recommend if you want to make a lot of fruit from them and you live anywhere above 7 B you cut them back so they bloom late. That’s what I do and I have all the pretty red to “purplish” plums I can ever use off the 3 trees in my back yard. . Usually more than I know what to do with ..lol. The photos you see are of some that I started from cuttings about this size between last spring and about June. These trees grow very quickly here, Usually within 2-3 years you’ll start producing some fruit and within 4-5 years you’ll have all the plums and shade you’ll need.. I highly recommend planting in groups of 3 or more if you have the room and one day, you’ll have a great little crop producer tree and some of the best shade trees money can buy. If you need any advice on planting feel free to ask.. These root much like any other starter plant or green. You can use root starter if you like. Plant them directly in the soil and keep them well watered until they root in. They root relatively easy with not a lot of work .. I used a sandy / potting soil mix if I’m going to do them in my green house, but usually here, I just find a good spot in my yard and direct plant them in the soil .. Happy planting! NOTE: These plants and cuttings are not sitting around on the shelf or bulbs gathered last fall, I dig all my plants and bulbs, and cuttings as ordered so please give me a couple of days to allow for weather , packaging and getting them shipped off. YOU’ll GET PLENTY TO KICK START YOUR YELLOW IRIS GARDEN! I Try my best to ship within 5-7 days of the date of purchase. I do this so I don’t have to pre-dig them. I’ve found over the years, the more freshly dug they are , the higher your survival rate and I like for people to be happy with their purchase. I can’t guarantee your success rate but these will be freshly dug around the time of auction to ensure the best survival chances and ensure you have the best chance to get the best results. Thanks and good luck with your planting! We’d appreciate your feedback and if we can help you with anything, feel free to contact us. View more great items


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